Procurement and supply management professionals have a unique and important view, and control over how to mitigate impact on supply chains and build stronger networks. As guardians and suppressors of panic within their own organisations they have a great opportunity to implement not just best practice but sustaining the future of their business. Throughout the Brexit process CIPS will be regularly gathering the view of procurement professionals and reporting on their responses.

The Brexit Storm

How procurement and supply chain professionals are tackling the issues

On the 23 June 2016, the UK public voted to leave the European Union; a relationship that had lasted for more than 40 years.  Since then, ‘Brexit’ has already had economic and political effects and will continue to create waves in procurement and the wider business community, around the world.

Procurement and supply management professionals have a unique and important view on global business, building strong supply networks and have the skills to mitigate impacts and risks to their supply chains. So, earlier this year, CIPS conducted a survey to gather the views of procurement professionals on how the landscape is evolving during the negotiations, and understand what actions are being taken to take advantage of opportunties and to mitigate against threats to supply chains.

CIPS will be running another survey early next year with an additional short flash survey after the UK leaves the EU in March.

Read the full November 2018 report:

Read the full June 2018 report:

 Read the full July 2017 report:

The Brexit Storm

Preparing for Brexit

How are many UK supply chan managers preparing for Brexit?

With many procurement professionals starting to take active steps now to focus attention on the possible impact of U.K’s exit from Europe. CIPS have sought feedback and guidance from our procurement community.

As experts align their processes and systems to buffer them through what could prove to be turbulent times, they have offered insight and guidance for practical application and consideration that may support you in your role.

Read the CIPS position on Brexit paper: